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Website Launch

The National Bureau of Product Research® Promotional and Products Website Beta (Ethos Study) (V6.4.12).

Executive Members with critique authorization; please contact Brand Chair via Interdepartmental Mail. Feedback will be accepted through November 15th, 2018. Team Members without critique authorization and for those with general or non-critique related inquiries, please scroll down to follow contact instructions.


This website home page was prepared based upon the direction and recommendations of the Brand Launch Working Group (BLWG) which conducted regular meetings in 2013-2016 and in 2018. BLWG is sponsored by The National Bureau of Product Research® through Project Number 201301B.

This website is under configuration control of The National Bureau of Product Research®. Official distribution of this website or of information on future products and activities of the National Bureau is prohibited until the official release date (TBD). Once complete, all products/activities will be released for various mass information means.

The National Bureau

At the beginning of 2019, activities surrounding the new mission of The National Bureau of Product Research® will launch. 




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Feedback form has been temporarily removed for security purposes. General inquiries can be made by contacting The National Bureau® though one of the social media channels listed below. Thank you.

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