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The world of science and engineering is beautiful. Science research is often elegant. Engineering is often artful.

Engineers and scientists: We need your help. The National Bureau of Product Research® is a new research and education company. We are collecting stories and associated materials on the processes within engineering and scientific research. The National Bureau’s® first project tells exciting and inspirational engineering/science stories primarily through the following materials:

1) Technical drawings or representative graphics from an innovative machine or tool of science/engineering.

2) Selected parts, pieces, nuts, bolts, etc., from the innovative machine or tool.

The inspiration for this project comes from experiences we have had as educators. Students are drawn to blueprints; they immediately start trying to figure out what they’re looking at. Also, when their hands clasp around a part from a machine, they feel a tangible connection to the ideas behind it. In using these materials, natural connections are established that we believe will spark a higher level of interest in engineering and science disciplines.

Our new approach to science and engineering storytelling offers a new perspective within education that has not been widely explored yet. We need your help. 

Share A Story

Engineers and Scientists; your work is not only practical and useful - it is also graceful, beautiful and inspirational. We invite you to tell us a story by clicking the Share A Story button below. If you need a password, please scroll down to the bottom of this page to contact us. 

We want you to tell us a story about a machine, engineering solution or custom scientific tool you think is cool. It can be big or small. What does this machine or device do? What challenge did this apparatus solve in an amazing way? Does this machine/tool work so beautifully or simply that it would make us smile? Did it make history? Is it innovative or new? Go ahead and wax poetic. We’re listening.

We will be reviewing your story and others for inclusion in our educational materials. If your story fits into our project, we will contact you for further conversation and will credit both you and your organization in our materials and curriculum.

Keep in mind that this machine or engineering solution doesn’t have to be new or cutting edge. If it was cool in 1875 or 1975, it’s still cool now. Also, if you don’t know where certain components or drawings are, that’s okay. We have resources to help us fill in the “missing pieces.”

Please click on the Share A Story button below.  We also have two examples below that show the types of stories we are looking for. Again, if you need a password please scroll down to contact us.


Short Example StoryDetailed Example Story  Share A Story »


Any ideas, questions, or feedback is welcome. If you need a password to tell us a story, you can request one here. We’d love to hear from you.  

Ryan Britton is President of The National Bureau of Product Research®. He spent 18 years with EarthSky Communications making science radio and television programs as a Producer, and Partner. EarthSky’s short format programs were heard/seen by millions of people on over 1,000 affiliates across the globe. Affiliates included National Public Radio, Univision, and Voice of America.

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