Ryan Britton FAQ’s

1) If you have this cool clothing brand, why are you looking for work/new projects?

The National Bureau is a niche brand and appeals to a very select audience. It is a passion project that has allowed me to strengthen and diversify my skills.  

2) Looking at your resume, you had a career shift in 2013. Can you explain?

In addition to the development and launch of The National Bureau of Product Research, the last 6+ years have been spent in part with:

• Freelance work

• The birth of triplets and the raising of 4 children while my wife continued in the classroom.  Our triplet children are 11 years old now. Life (thankfully) has become a bit easier.

• The caring for my father. My father lost his battle with Alzheimer’s Disease at the end of 2017. Starting in 2013, I was a primary caregiver.

• The learning of many skill sets and programs, all of which are displayed within my portfolio and resume.

I have prided myself on staying productive and current. 

3) Are you interested in full-time employment or project-based work?

I am open to, and interested in, either or both.